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Led by our CEO, one of the first consultants to carry out Lean Transformation work in UK/Europe, we have developed Emotionally Intelligent Lean, EQLeanTM . 

We help your organisation to achieve more by developing your people to identify and work to each others strengths. Using our combined people and lean programme, EQLeanTM, we bring your team together to develop better services and processes using the same or less resources. 

EQLeanTM gives us the tools to identify and build on people’s best strengths, to maximise their emotional well-being and motivation. Thus, they enjoy making a greater contribution to your organisation. This is resulting in our clients achieving far more successful and genuinely sustainable improvement and Lean Transformation. 

We will help you transform your organisation, as well as people’s lives at all levels within it, releasing them to achieve and deliver self-reliance in continuous improvement.

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