How we work

We will enable you to measure the difference our partnership is making and you will achieve positive results within weeks of activity start up.

You will soon benefit from an educated, fully-trained, self–sufficient workforce able to sustain continuous improvement with far greater added value for you and your customers.

  • At the outset we will listen to you, learn about you and look to understand you and what you want to achieve. We will observe your business, we will later want to talk to your staff, We will appreciate you, your staff, and what you have already achieved. We will work with you to map out what progress we can make together.
  • We will provide guidance to Senior Leadership on building and leading a continuous improvement culture through working with the top team, through individual coaching and Steering Team support.
  • We will create a plan that will incorporate clear activity and resource planning, based on a firm grasp of the current situation. We will carry out regular reviews and agree measures.
  • We will identify and measure your organisation & individual strengths, including a bespoke cultural survey which enables you to test your Organisational Health.
  • We will provide development, training and education for your people at all levels (Senior Executives, Line Managers, Lean Champions, Team Leaders, Team Members). We will utilise the human development tools within EQLeanTM to develop staff at all levels to better enable improvement activity and sustain results.
  • We will help your team set clear realisable milestones and targets. We will be hands-on with them throughout, coaching and allowing them to carry out practical use of lean tools & techniques.

Our Work

Healthcare Sector

Public Sector

Industrial Sector