Jill Garrett

Jill Garrett – Associate Director, Leadership Development

Jill Garrett is an authority on leadership development, team effectiveness, engagement, governance and the effective use of individual and organisational strengths. Jill’s work with leaders and senior teams has significantly helped to bring clarity of direction, renewed engagement and improved business results. Her passion is to improve organisational performance by enabling leaders to build cultures, strategies and processes which enable each person to be and do their best at work so as to benefit those the organisation exists to serve.

Jill graduated in 1970 with a B.Sc Econ. (covering Economics, Psychology, Economic History) from The London School of Economics and Political Science. She achieved greatly to become a secondary head teacher in two very large secondary schools.

Stimulated by an interest in leadership, in 1994 she joined the Gallup Organisation to carry out leadership research, becoming Gallup’s Managing Director for Europe. Jill developed a talent in devising selection tools including for specific occupations (for clients such as VW/Audi). She worked as part of a team (alongside Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton, later co-authors of ‘Now Discover Your Strengths’) to scientifically identify potential strengths in people. This became the StrengthsFinder psychometric system now in widespread use worldwide.

Inspirational Leadership ToolIn 2002 she became Director of Leadership Development at Caret Consulting Group, coaching leaders as individuals or working with whole leadership teams and boards. During this period she met and coached Stuart Fisher. She created The Inspirational Leadership Tool questionnaire, developed in partnership with the UK Government’s Innovation Group, which has been widely used to help Leaders to optimise and apply their innate leadership strengths.

In 2009 she joined LT Consulting as Director of Leadership Development and Employee Engagement, helping organisations to raise engagement and productivity. Jill has worked closely with senior leaders across sectors with culture change, executive development and efficiency agendas.

Highly regarded as an authority in leadership development and change management, Jill is a popular public speaker, University Lecturer and contributor to research on Leadership and Employee Engagement. Jill has also voluntarily contributed to leadership development internationally through programmes in many world “hot-spots”.

Jill remains an Associate Director at LT Consulting and is Executive Director of Tentpeg Consulting.

“…in the late 1990′s we met Jill Garrett, then Managing Director of Gallup UK. Their extensive research into talent encouraged us to pursue this line of investigation. Not only did talent exist they told us but it could be identified and measured.

Gallup has since published a number of books on the importance of building our talent strengths. As a route to excellence their research (Clifton and Harter, 2003) has shown that the idea of improving a person’s performance by helping them to overcome their weaknesses just does not work. But if conversely you build on strengths people can perform beyond expectation.”

-Bolton & Thompson, “Entrepreneurs: Talent, Temperament and Opportunity”, Routledge, 2013.

I was heavily influenced in the early days of leading my company when I heard Jill Garrett, then Managing Director of Gallup in Europe, speak at an an event for business leaders. She pointed out that you could spend a lot of resources (time/money) trying to make people better at the things they were bad at, or invest the same resources in what they were good at and make them totally brilliant…  Jill also said something that I found very interesting…: if you do not measure what you value, you will end up valuing only those things you measure.”

-McGregor, ”Mrs Moneypenny’s Careers Advice for Ambitious Women”, Penguin UK, 2012.

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