Stuart Fisher

Stuart Fisher – CEO, Director for Strategy & Lean Transformation

Stuart founded LT Consulting in 2001 with a passion to make a significant difference to both customers and our communities.  Given his track record, it is no surprise that Stuart enjoys the confidence of some of the most senior business and organisational leaders in Europe and globally.

In the early 1990′s Stuart led some of the first Lean programmes within manufacturing industries in the UK and Europe. In the mid-1990′s he then pioneered the first innovative adaptations of Lean into Local Government and the UK Public Sector.

DSC07919A strongly ethical, honest and humanitarian person, Stuart has upheld the creed of “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” His extensive implementation experience and strong empathy for people led him to innovate once more and develop EQLeanTM with LT Consulting colleagues Jill Garrett and Tim Fenton. This incorporates human tools and techniques to enable people to achieve personal growth and become better adapted to implementing and sustaining Lean Transformation and Continuous Improvement.

From 1992, as the first European employee and UK Director for TBM Consulting Group, he helped establish  one of the first Lean Consultancies in Europe. Simultaneously, he worked with Shingijutsu, the Japanese Consultancy founded by the “father of Lean” Taiichi Ohno (the originator of the Toyota Production System). Stuart worked closely with Ohno’s ex-Toyota colleagues at Shingijutsu and launched many UK organisations on their Lean journey – including Unipart, JCB, Mars, FKI, Black & Decker, Polaroid, Alstom Trains, Fiat Tofash, Westad Industri, How Medica, Perkins and Biomet. 

Stuart has been consulted with and quoted by authors of such books as Lean Thinking (Womack and Jones) and The Perfect Engine (Sharma and Moody) and has spoken at many conferences.

In 1989 Stuart obtained an M.Sc.(Distinction) in Manufacturing Systems Management from Cranfield Institute of Technology, winning “Best Student” award. Sponsored by Lucas Group, he became responsible for introducing Lean principles, working closely with a Japanese mentor. In 1991 he was sponsored by Lucas and the DTI to carry out a Royal Academy of Engineering Scholarship to Japan. He spent a year at Mitsubishi working under a World Class expert in Total Productive Maintenance, and his programme also took him into Toyota and many other Japanese plants.

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