Emotional Intelligence – EQLean™

Why do improvement initiatives under-deliver or only achieve short-term results?

Consistently we found a relationship between people’s behaviour and their operating effectiveness. We found that people drive improvement, not the other way around. So we have developed EQLeanTM – to focus on people’s emotional well-being – and hence development of desired behaviours – whilst also ensuring people develop the necessary practical Lean skills.

So EQLeanTM allows people the best opportunity to enjoy working to their strengths, acquiring skills to develop better and better processes.  Find out more about EQLean™ here. 

Instead of piecemeal development of a few employees, as a by-product of an initiative, EQLeanTM incorporates formal people development across all your teams. Personal development becomes hand-in-glove with working to achieve sustained improvement.

Maximum buy-in is achieved through greater and widespread development of people’s strengths. Behaviours and team dynamics reach critical mass, magnify the rate and level of improvement and become the fuel for sustained change.


People at all levels end up enjoy themselves and achieving far more at work, whilst also gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, their colleagues and their shared process problems.  

EQLeanTM  – achieving a step change in performance and sustained results. 

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