Executive Coaching

A unified management operation and culture is essential to continuously improve customer services. Our Executive Coaching programme is designed to work alongside both individuals and the management team, to enable them to build strong foundations for organisational health.Coaching

Many executive coaching clients have worked with us for a number of years, recognising that our input has made a measurable difference to their organisation.

Our coaching service includes: 

  • Working with individuals to enable them to be more effective in their role. This includes managing and leading their team, giving clear direction to the organisation, using their time and their talents effectively.
  • Helping to guide and support leadership through major transformation, culture change and on-going improvement.
  • Guiding teams through formation, change and conflict; moving from functional to corporate team working.
  • Evaluation of individual, team and board performance.
  • Organisational development support.
  • Developing measurement tools including 360° appraisals, board audits, culture surveys and recruitment tools.

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