Getting Started

It is key that we develop a clear understanding of your situation. This includes:

  1. Your future vision and organisation valuesIMG_0879
  2. Your opportunities and threats
  3. The barriers to change
  4. Past experience of improvement activities
  5. Attitudes and strengths of your people
  6. The culture that prevails in your organisation
  7. The nature of your workflow and support processes
  8. Most importantly the actual experiences of your customers and end users. 

Throughout this process, our core values of Honesty, Integity and Compassion are at the fore, and we believe you will see that our approach is conducive to creating openness and partnership with you and your staff. 

Once the current situation has been jointly understood and visualised we can agree the next steps….. We will support and coach senior leaders through leadership development and executive coaching so they maintain enthusiasm and a day to day interest and commitment to transformation: this is vital for Lean principles to perpetuate operational improvement across the organisation. 

View our “Getting Started” PDF.


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