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We deploy many types of questionnaires and behavioural activities to assess and develop people across the organisation. We are advanced practitioners in applying these tools. These include the systems below, both of which were developed either by, or with key involvement of, our Associate Director, Jill Garrett:

StrengthsFinder is an online, strengths based psychometric, widely used to help identify the natural preferences and talents of individuals.StrengthsFinder Logo

Whilst at The Gallup Organisation, Jill was involved for many years in conducting academically-rigorous research which concluded that the most effective people were those who understand their own strengths and behaviour. Hence, once people possess a better understanding and awareness of their natural talents they are able to develop better strategies to meet and exceed the demands of all aspects of their lives both at work and at home.  This became the StrengthsFinder system.

A StrengthsFinder report presents your five most dominant themes of talent out of 34 different strengths in ranked order revealed by your responses to the online questions. The “signature themes” of you and your team can be hugely important to maximising the talents and the success of yourself, your team and your organisation.

StrengthsFinder measures talent and identifies:

  • What you enjoy doing and are good at and that which you “can’t help yourself doing”
  • The things which are hard for you to learn – but which can really make the difference between good and remarkable

We can provide you with the tools to find out your top themes and help you to discover more about your own unique talents and those of your team.

The Inspirational Leadership Tool has been developed to enable leaders to be clearer about their most natural leadership styles and strengths, so that they can shape their roles and those of their team accordingly.

It was created by our Associate Director, Jill Garrett, working with UK Government and the Chartered Management Institute, who conducted one of the largest ever studies of workers in the UK to ask them what inspired them to follow leaders.Inspirational Leadership Tool

Your personalised results will rank the four key elements of your leadership style as determined by the blend of your attributes. Through a greater understanding of these you will be able to manage yourself better, making your leadership more inspiring whilst learning to manage coping tactics around areas of weakness.

In addition to StrengthFinder and The Inspirational Leadership Tool, LT Consulting utilises other Human Analysis tools.

LT Consulting will also analyse your working environment to help you design the right processes to ensure you and your team achieve optimal performance.

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