Case Studies

LT Consulting has worked extensively with organisations from the both the public and private sectors, dynamically reshaping their process utilising Lean methodology to achieve significant operational improvement and continuous change.

Below are some case studies highlighting this work:

Haringey Council Adult Social Care

The Background: Feedback from Haringey Social Care clients said they were happy with the quality of the service they received but felt the assessment process just took too long. They experienced a fragmented service involving too many people where they had to repeat information they had already provided many times. Haringey Council had spent many […]

Birmingham Children’s Hospital Governance Support Unit (GSU)

The Background: The Governance Support Unit’s (GSU) motivation to improve their systems and processes is extremely high. They chose to redesign, using Lean methodology, the Serious Incident Report Investigation (SIRI) process which directly impacts patient safety. The time taken to complete the SIRI process is critical as the SIRI identifies and removes conditions which caused […]

Gloucester City Council Financial Services

The Background: Gloucester City Council (GCC) stated in the 2011-2014 Council Plan “we will be spending more time driving the improvement of services that really matter to Gloucester”. GCC realised that they needed to become a leaner and more focused organisation in order to adapt to the challenges of the 21st century. The financial procurement […]


The Background: JCB were early adopters of Lean but many of JCB’s early initiatives failed. JCB didn’t have the capabilities inhouse to start the Lean journey effectively and activities did not develop well or as intended. With the JCB organisation failing to introduce Lean the Chairman visited Toyota to see how it should happen. When […]

Better Outcomes at Reduced Costs in Children’s Services

The Background: Solihull MBC faced a major challenge in its own foster care service – in one year 70 children had to be found foster placements through the private sector. Whilst 80% of these could have been fostered directly through the Local Authority, there were insufficient numbers of carers available at the time. Furthermore, outsourcing […]

FKI – Rolling Out a Company Wide Change Programme

The Background: FKI is the largest UK conglomerate encompassing a wide range of division in locations across the globe. Each division acted totally independently both from an operating and reporting perspective. There was a lack of interaction and this lead to best practice not being shared between the numerous divisions causing a real sense that […]

Bridon – Increasing Capacity with no Additional Investment

The Background: Bridon is a leading specialist in the manufacture of wire and rope solutions for the most demanding applications. Bridon products provide solutions to the most arduous and technically demanding challenges, extensively used in construction, mining, oil & gas extraction, telecommunications, automotive components and other specialised areas of engineering – Markets where there can […]

Biomet – Improving the Process to Meet Customer Demand

As a global leader in the orthopaedics market, Biomet is passionate about innovation and developing new technology. They specialise in the design and manufacture of implants which replace hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows, biomaterials, bone cements and accessories and orthopaedic surgical instruments. Their goal is to provide designs that will address a wide range of […]

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