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Birmingham Children's Hospital SIR Engagement“I found it exciting being exposed to a different perspective on the way that we work. I now look back and cringe at how accepting we were of inefficient, wasteful and bad processes.” - Bryan Healy, Head of Risks, Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  

The need to eliminate waste in the NHS has never been greater. Waste caused by communication gaps between Primary and Secondary Care Trusts, increased staff paperwork workloads, ageing population, greater costs through technical and medical advances and ever-increasing expectations from patients.

DSC05520By partnering to challenge traditional ways of working, we have demonstrated that LT Consulting can help Healthcare organisations improve the level of patient care whilst also positively responding to cost pressures.

We will transfer our Lean skills into all levels within your health organisations, having developed your people to achieve self-reliance. Deploying Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and cultural analysis will provide a sound platform for leading your people through change to build a culture that sustains continuous improvement.


Healthcare Sector Case Studies

Birmingham Children’s Hospital Governance Support Unit (GSU)

The Background: The Governance Support Unit’s (GSU) motivation to improve their systems and processes is extremely high. They chose to redesign, using Lean methodology, the Serious Incident Report Investigation (SIRI) process which directly impacts patient safety. The time taken to complete the SIRI process is critical as the SIRI identifies and removes conditions which caused […]

Biomet – Improving the Process to Meet Customer Demand

As a global leader in the orthopaedics market, Biomet is passionate about innovation and developing new technology. They specialise in the design and manufacture of implants which replace hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows, biomaterials, bone cements and accessories and orthopaedic surgical instruments. Their goal is to provide designs that will address a wide range of […]