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One of the reasons we still enjoy a working relationship today after all these years, is that LT Consulting have the ability to come in and do the job rather than standing at the lines telling us what to do – they can be as hands on or as hands off as you need them to be– Max Jeffery, Product Manager, JCB.

Our sole purpose is to positively transform the experiences of people within organisations and the people they serve, through strong leadership support and application of Lean principles and techniques. LT Consulting work globally with a wide range of Industrial organisations enabling them to achieve extremely high levels of customer satisfaction, vastly improved levels of productivity and profitability.

JCB Project BackgroundOur Consultants have learnt about the Toyota Production System not only by working in Japan or directly for Toyota but through achieving greatly in their organisations. They possess some of the deepest knowledge and practical experience of Lean training in the World across a breadth of industries – from heavy industrial through to food processing. From this depth of knowledge and experience LT Consulting will help you transform your whole organisation to drive effectiveness, sustain continuous improvement and achieve outstanding levels of performance.

Our emphasis is to work with and through people at all levels to ensure that the change is led effectively and people develop through the process. You will develop a self-reliant improvement culture that enables your organisation to manage and lead change by itself.

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Industrial Sector Case Studies


The Background: JCB were early adopters of Lean but many of JCB’s early initiatives failed. JCB didn’t have the capabilities inhouse to start the Lean journey effectively and activities did not develop well or as intended. With the JCB organisation failing to introduce Lean the Chairman visited Toyota to see how it should happen. When […]

FKI – Rolling Out a Company Wide Change Programme

The Background: FKI is the largest UK conglomerate encompassing a wide range of division in locations across the globe. Each division acted totally independently both from an operating and reporting perspective. There was a lack of interaction and this lead to best practice not being shared between the numerous divisions causing a real sense that […]