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Changing Budgets and Policy Deployment in the Public Sector

“Recently, LT Consulting has been working with Haringey’s Adult Social Care Team utilising Lean where remarkable results have been achieved and the positive attitude of staff during difficult times has been amazing.” - Bernard Lanigan, Head of Assessments, Personalisation and OT Services, Haringey Council.  

Having slashed budgets and needing to make further cost savings, public sector leaders are challenged to meet their customers’ high expectations. We demonstrate that success can be readily achieved despite these challenges by enthusing staff to engage, up-skill, initiate and own practical changes that consistently benefit the end users.

LT Consulting works with and through people at all levels from executive coaching to the ‘shop floor’, transferring knowledge and skill to excite staff about implementing continuous improvement. This takes imagination, innovation and is not totally pain free. But it measurably deliver on many levels; it is self-funded, delivers quick wins, releases valuable resources and acts as a catalyst for longer term change.

Impact will also be greatly magnified where applied in conjunction with partnership organisations.   





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Public Sector Case Studies

Haringey Council Adult Social Care

The Background: Feedback from Haringey Social Care clients said they were happy with the quality of the service they received but felt the assessment process just took too long. They experienced a fragmented service involving too many people where they had to repeat information they had already provided many times. Haringey Council had spent many […]

Gloucester City Council Financial Services

The Background: Gloucester City Council (GCC) stated in the 2011-2014 Council Plan “we will be spending more time driving the improvement of services that really matter to Gloucester”. GCC realised that they needed to become a leaner and more focused organisation in order to adapt to the challenges of the 21st century. The financial procurement […]